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We understand the pressing need for affordable housing in our community. As a local investment group, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our affordable downtown housing units, providing accessible housing options for everyone in our community.

"Affordable and accessible senior housing is becoming more critical every day in the Piedmont Senior Resources (PSR) service area.  PSR looks forward to working with the Farmville Affordable Housing Alliance to solve PSR’s immediate and long-term housing needs."


Justine A. Young, RN, BSN, MBA 

Chief Executive Officer 

Piedmont Senior Resources 

Advocating, Advancing, and Achieving Independence for the Aging Community  

"Freedom is not free and veterans are some of our most cherished community members!  The Piedmont Area Veterans Council (PVAC) works tirelessly to help solve all of their needs and we're excited to be working with the Farmville Affordable Housing Alliance to leverage Federal and State monies to help develop affordable housing for our Veterans."


Sarah Maddox (Army Veteran) 

CEO, Piedmont Area Veterans Council (PAVC) 

Co-Founder, Lynchburg Area Veterans Council (LAVC) 

Asst to DSO for Training, Accredited VSO and Western Region, American Legion/Department of Virginia 

M.A. Professional Counseling 

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